Isotopolis: a unique visitors’ centre!

Welcome to the website of Isotopolis, the information centre that tells you all about the management of radioactive waste in Belgium. This site gives you a chance to get to know Isotopolis: here you can find out exactly what Isotopolis is, what you can do there and what you can discover. Whether you’re planning to come with a school group, as a member of an association or on your own, Isotopolis clearly explains complex subjects like ‘radioactivity’ and ‘radioactive waste management’ for people of all ages.

Would you like to visit the centre? Here you can find all the practical information you need to prepare for your visit. And you can also meet the Isotopolis team, the guides who are there to help you make the most of it.

Curious to find out more after your visit? Take a look at the page with links to other sites and you’re sure to find something to interest you.

And then there’s our news page. Check it out regularly to keep up with the latest Isotopolis news.


Gravenstraat 73 • 2480 Dessel
T: +32 14 33 40 31 • F: +32 14 33 40 39